Untitled-by Evan Trine, Art museum

The art that my partner and I were observing together on the 28th of August. The art i really like was called “untitled” by Evan Trine. the picture was so discreet and hallow. i sensed a type of bad vibe by the location looking secluded by trees. it appeared as if their was a movie and a person with a  sniper rife was at the top with a camouflage jumpsuit was waiting for the pray. the vibe felt real and i felt the picture and i clicking with just the first glance the picture has a negative effect and picture was like a structure of some kind and it was pretty cool i like the picture a lot and my partner like the picture of “Keep Calm” we had different opinions of art but i personally didn’t like it, seemed to me like if the artist was trying to frame celebrities and popular people to catch attention. didn’t really like it much photo-5 photo-4


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