Christian Espinoza – Interview

Christian Espinoza is a freshman here and he enjoys his first year here at the beach. he has in totals with all go his classes he is taking 13 units and he says that it aint to stressful here and that he thinks its pretty easy. He is originally from wilmington CA and moved to Harbor City and he graduated from Narbonne High School. he is a English pedorick major. He tells me that he doesn’t know exactly it is he could do with that major but he is curious about it and so he is pursuing it. Some of his hobbies are to pal guitar/music. he enjoys drawing dragon ball z characters and he tells me that it came from family members in the family. he has 3 tattoo artists in the family that love to draw and make art. he works in an elementary school next to house and says he loves helping and teaching kids.

What he thought of the Art was that he says it that it is eccentric and thought that he enjoyed watching the art of the wooden goat and says that it was really realistic.

Artist :Angel G. Franco(sep 2 – october 2)IMG_1132oat


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