Christian Espinoza – Interview

Christian Espinoza is a freshman here and he enjoys his first year here at the beach. he has in totals with all go his classes he is taking 13 units and he says that it aint to stressful here and that he thinks its pretty easy. He is originally from wilmington CA and moved to Harbor City and he graduated from Narbonne High School. he is a English pedorick major. He tells me that he doesn’t know exactly it is he could do with that major but he is curious about it and so he is pursuing it. Some of his hobbies are to pal guitar/music. he enjoys drawing dragon ball z characters and he tells me that it came from family members in the family. he has 3 tattoo artists in the family that love to draw and make art. he works in an elementary school next to house and says he loves helping and teaching kids.

What he thought of the Art was that he says it that it is eccentric and thought that he enjoyed watching the art of the wooden goat and says that it was really realistic.

Artist :Angel G. Franco(sep 2 – october 2)IMG_1132oat


Wk5 – A new me – Karina Lizarraga

art random 1 The swag me. i asked a new friend a couple questions about me she told me that i looked like a person who cares to much about my appearance and that she thought i was cute but that i looked like a person that would never talk to her because she thinks that she is ugly herself. She said that she could picture my name as a jake or jacob. she at least got the first letter correct. She guest correct and told me that she thought that my major was undeclared and that i looked confused about what i wanted to do about my major. She was just kind of shy at first and after she even asked me for my number and that we should keep in touch she acted pretty normal but just a little uptight. but the experience was overall nothing to different but it was cool i met a new friend and it was fun,

WK3 – Ricky Amenero – Interview

Ricky is a freshman here at the beach and he is considered undeclared major one of his major hobbies is he enjoys working on his 240 sx(car). he is preparing his car for drift season  he graduated from warren high school in downey ca the year of 2014. he is barely 18 years old and his isn’t employed he told me that school is hard enough for him

The picture was token by ricky and he never sent me it so i have difficulties posting a pic of us two.

the art work the same. the only thing ricky told me about the crystals was that he enjoyed seeing them and he thought that most of the crystals looked melted.

Wk4 – Interview – Richard Chavez

Richard is my new buddy and me and him had a conversation for a cool little while. and he told me that he is 19 years of age and he enjoys playing basketball and soccer on his free time. he is a mechanical engineer major as well as he thinks of joining a fraternity for next semester and enjoys being really active . he is a freshman at csulb and just graduated from downey high school class of 2014. art richard

Wk4 – Plaster Moldings At The Beach – 09/19/2014

The experience about the beach for me was crazy i didn’t the plaster was going to dry so fast. i put my foot down in the sand and my foot had gotten stuck and my girlfriend who was with me was making fun of me all afternoon. i went on my day off of work and school and we went to late when the sun was already going down so i didn’t think it’ll dry but i attempted it anyways everything went pretty cool. i made the plaster correctly but it didn’t want to settle and i was scared if it was because of the heat. but it settle extremely fast and the only con about this experience is that i lost my brand new socks to the beach. it made me really sad and i went back home sock less and wet. other than that the entire experience was awesome and i had a lot of fun doing it.beachsbeachbeach1

Wk3 – Interview – Freddy Varela

My new buddy Freddy Varela is originally from Long Beach, CA. He graduated from Millikan High School the year of 2012.A couple things that Freddy likes to do is Play Basketball and soccer on his free time. He is only twenty years old. he commutes from his house to school which for him is like down the street. He is a truck driver and works for his dad. 2014 is his third year here on the beach. He is a Recreational Therapy major.


The art that he liked was the model that was on the floor of all the mud appearance buildings. He says that the art reminded him of Tetris as well as the the pieces looking really delicate and says that if with a  touch of a finger would collapse.

Wk3 – Kickstart – Race Track In Los Angeles

i couldn’t get many of the ideas i wanted to post in the video do to time but i attempted and i have to give thanks to a buddy of mine from my hometown. In my kickstart video my idea was to purchase a 1/2 mile parking lot to make a 1/4 mile length drag strip and the rest leave it for parking. My budget was to aim close to $500,000 to buy the vacant lot and convert it to only track here in LA. Doing this here in the City of Los Angeles you could save so many lives and and avoid the Blue,Red and white sirens in your rear view mirror. opening up the track could give the chance to thousands of people to avoid going to street races every night. Come on Down to Jonny’s speedway and race your heart out. and let you engine talk.